Developer & Operator

  • Moro Zhang
    Senior Technical Expert More than 10 years of game industry R&D experience SimpleChain Technical Leader
  • Billy Qin
    Experienced Dapp Developer Years experience in blockchain application
  • David Yang
    Experienced Software Developer About 8 years of game&payment industry experience.
  • Jean Zhang
    Cryptography & Blockchain Expert Listed journals in SCI and published journal in international academic conferences
  • Benett Qu
    Senior R&D Engineer Java software engineer with 7 years of experience Core developer of SimpleChain and ChainBox
  • Judy Yu
    With rich experience in finance, media and other industries, entered the field of blockchain in 2015, accumulated a lot of resources in the industry.
  • Eric Hou
    Worked as PR and project operation of Bytom, and familiar with the media industry of blockchain and open source community.
  • Sheng Yu
    5 years experience in CAEP, successively engaged in supercomputing, information security and network development.

Foundation Advisors

Influencer across industries and academic
  • Chadwick Lee
    Chadwick Lee is a well-known investor with more than two decades of experience in venture capital and investment management. He has participated in dozens of investments portfolios and many companies have successfully listed.
  • Zhaolin Yip
    Zhaolin Yip is the Chairman of the Board of Sum V King Energy. Over the past 30 years, he has hosted several M&A and IPO projects in Singapore and has extensive experience in the capital market.
  • Krzysztof Piech
    Krzysztof Piech is the professor at the Department of International Economic Relations and Director of Blockchain Technology Centre at Lazarski University (Warsaw, Poland). He is the scientific editor of over 30 books.